Protected: Module Template

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Protected: Module Template
Introduction Numbers and Titles Action Titles Due Dates and Point Values Completion Criteria To-Do List Optional Resources Summary


Screenshot of a module introduction page including a title, description, and learning objectives.

Each module includes an introduction page. This page has a written description and/or a video with closed captioning and a list of the learning objectives.

Enlarge detail screenshot.

Numbers and Titles

Modules and sub-modules are clearly numbered. These numbers are also included at the beginning of every module item, so students can always easily tell where they are when they are on nested pages.

Action Titles

Each actionable item such as a discussion, assignment, quiz, or other task includes an action verb in the title.

Due Dates and Point Values

All due or to-do dates for actionable items are embedded in the items so they automatically show on the module page as well.

Completion Criteria

I've utilized the module requirement feature in Canvas to populate a note of how they can check the item off of their to-do list. I identify activities as view, mark done, contribute, submit, or score at least depending on the goal of that item.

To-Do List

Screenshot of a page with a video, with the Mark as Done button in the bottom right corner.

After students complete the appropriate action, their task is checked off on their to-do list.

Expand detail screenshot.

Optional Resources

Modules include an optional resource page where appropriate. It is not included in the module requirements and does not act as a to-do list item.


Each module is closed out with a brief summary and key takeaways for students to integrate into their understanding of the content.