The Baltimore Deviled Egg Pageant

I organize an annual event called the Baltimore Deviled Egg Pageant as a fundraiser for the Baltimore Abortion Fund. It’s a hobby of mine that is a) charitable, and b) extremely silly. The skills in design and project management that I’ve honed professionally inform what I can leverage for side projects like these – and vice versa.

The Deviled Egg… Pageant?

Would you like to learn a little bit about… what exactly this whole thing is? Scroll on through the PowerPoint embedded below to read more about deviled eggs than you ever thought you would.

Design Assets

Event and Project Management

A major part of this event is managing all the moving parts leading up to the event – booking space, obtaining insurance, managing ticketing, soliciting and picking up donations, creating and printing all the design assets. Then there’s the matter of actually running the show on the day of. I make extensive use of spreadsheets to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. The real test is whether people can use the tools without me there to guide – which unfortunately happened in 2022 when I became sick two days before the event. See a few examples below.

Schedule and Assignment Spreadsheet

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Schedule Outline and Task Descriptions

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Venue Layout Plan

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